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I'm about to reveal our hidden superpower...
                   ('s not what you might think). 

I'm about to tell you a secret that most coaches, facilitators and trainers don't want you to know; 





(I know, strange coming from a training & development company huh...)


How many times have you left a potentially life changing workshop or seminar only to tuck those knowledge-nuggets-of-gold into your desk, and, - even though you have the best of intentions to use what you've learned - the material is never to be seen or heard from again?

Guilty as charged! That's because....




Enter our Superhero:


( also known by it's alter ego: ACTION! )

You see, implementation of the material is not only key to the success of any workshop, it is the ONLY thing that will produce results....

the secret sauce if you will.

At newlemonade, we believe this so strongly that all of our workshops include; a leadership support debrief, and an implementation session of your choice, customized to your organizations specific needs for optimal results... 

at no additional charge!

What do we mean by

implementation session?
Glad you asked!

As part of your workshop package we will tailor an implementation strategy that fits you perfectly.


You can choose from options like;

  • a follow up full group session

  •  accountability presentations (my personal fav!) or

  • individual team member follow up via phone or virtual coaching session.

This addition is invaluable to you and your results.

It will mean the difference between

knowing and applying


 I once explained it this way; (take it or leave it):

It's like the difference between going to diner with Clark Kent and splitting the cheque, just to find out you could have been flown to diner in Paris atop the Eiffel tower under the arm of Superman.

Same person, much different date! 

See the magic for yourself.

Book a discovery meeting today!


Business Brainstorm
how your complementary implementation options work;

  • THE LEADER: We commit to a follow up consult within 2 weeks of your workshop to support you, and debrief the results of your session. 


  • THE TEAM: a team/group follow up implementation session. A number of formats have been very successful; including (but not limited to) : short accountability presentations by participants, or a hurdle smashing session where we deal with barriers that may have been holding the team back from fully implementing the material.



 Also available:   

  • THE INDIVIDUAL: virtual one on one accountability and implementation coaching calls with limited team members. 

TheSE INCLUSIVE workshop-options offer INCREDIBLE stand alone value...
and are designed to be  EASILY combined with any of our Coaching & Development packages!
doing work together
   customizable workshops;   
Our featured workshop
Equipping YOU with the power to use your personal gifts and personality to excel at work; no matter what your role! 
leading well from WITHIN the game. Find yourself beat up from calling plays and trying to improve your team but can't seem to get to the sideline long enough to see the game?
Success strategies for the QB Coach. 

Are you looking to increase revenue, boost employee engagement, save time and money through better efficiency and processes?

Who isn't!

We can help you do all this and more. 

Influencers who drive results are clear on their purpose, understand their goals, are fearless in the face of self awareness, and unashamed of self improvement.


They are the very ones who ultimately create the 'it' factor in their organizations; an effect that not only elevates themselves, but also those around them as a result.

You can add that special ingredient to your life and workplace...


Consider; what will it cost if don't.

time management = self management. Let the compass be your guide and find more time than you knew you had!
Meeting clients where they are has it's advantages! Let's talk about the new expectations when it comes to customer service. Don't be afraid! The future is friendly!
7 strategies that will change your leadership forever! - Based on the bestselling book by Dr. Henry CLoud.
Giving a Speech
lessons in delegation & developing your team... featuring Chester the Dog. Don't laugh - you can learn a lot from him!
Want a powerful tool that will change everything in your business when you put it to work? It's in the palm of your hand!

Boring boardroom with stalled sales? 
Need a boost 

Business meetings need not be boring. 

We put the fun in function and fast track results because of it.

Put decades of experience and success behind your next training session. 

Get to the heart of the issue and; 

provide a fresh perspective...

objective, non biased input and  

focused and confident facilitation.

Create real and lasting change and see renewed excitement and activity in your team.
Results follow.

Psst... can I ask you a quick question;

Does your team have what we call 'Mommy syndrome'?
They've heard the same thing from you over and over, and just having it come out of another leaders mouth seems to change everything?

An external perspective is often exactly what's needed in order to bring a team to the next level or to have them shed an inhibiting belief or practice and embrace a more productive or profitable avenue.

Just wait and see what New Lemonade can do! - with you! 
(that rhymes!  bonus!)

Audiovisual Conference
 ...Don't see what you neeD?
We specialize in creating tailored workshops!
NewLemonade logo.png

Naomi's genuine passion, personality and creativity in delivering addresses on any range of topics is infectious....

Her desire to see the material come alive to her audience is evident and the result is invariably ACTION!

Naomi will work with you to develop a content package that is authentic to your audience and connects with impact. 

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