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be brave. be bold. be       

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confident. positive. action.

herway coaching & mastermind groups are where women gather to discover their gifts, overcome self doubt, and learn how to effectively make their voices heard. 
We know the power that can be harnessed from within a community of women. We exist to equip and support women with the express intent that they will take confident, positive action, toward making the difference they were created to make within their own unique spheres of influence. 
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what is a coaching & mastermind group anyway?

'herway 'groups are led by Naomi Jepsen, a triple-certified Master-Business, Life, and Executive-Leadership Coach who will combine a book study of "How Women Rise", the brilliant book by Sally Hagelsen and Marshall Goldsmith, with a guided journey through effective, proven, high level, coaching exercises designed to help you advance the areas in your life that YOU choose to target for success.

The Mastermind element of 'herway' groups allows you to access, share and leverage the strengths of others within your group, through structured supportive discussion, sharing resources and networking ideas. 


The results are nothing short of life changing.

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Research shows that traditional leadership training often fails to fully leverage the skills and potential of women. 
Since high-performing businesses tend to have more women in leadership roles than their less successful counterparts, specific training for female leaders is becoming a priority. 
37% of leaders in higher-performing companies are women, compared to 19% of leaders in lower-ranked companies.
- CBC report 2017
You owe it to yourself and to those around you to be the very best you can be, at home, in business, and in your community. There is a difference that ONLY YOU can make. 
herway training will help you get out of your own way, truly own your gifts, overcome self doubt and be fully prepared to effectively make your voice heard. 


meet with your coach & mastermind team - *virtually or in person - every 2 weeks.

16 value-packed sessions

Study and unpack key concepts in the book 'How Women Rise'

Participate in high level coaching activites, independently and with your group.
Stay connected, share insights and stay supported, even in between sessions with a private facebook page. 

Leverage the power of your mastermind group to define, refine and design your next steps 



An investment in your future

We don't know of a better value out there! 

$25 per class

That's a full program for less than the cost of a single month of high level coaching!
Refer a friend and receive 20% off your program fees!
Payment options: 2 instalments of $280CAD or receive a 15% discount for a one-time payment of $475CAD
* call for more information about group discounts, and specific tailored courses for your organization. 
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