Wife, Mom, Friend, Leader; Experienced Consulting & Coaching Professional



Like you, my life is not perfect.  Thankfully, it's never about being perfect. It's always about being the best and most authentic you possible, recognizing places you're stuck and finding ways past them.


It is about the future.


I partner with people who desire to see changes in their own life and businesses. Seeing the difference I can make for others is quite simply the reason I do what I do. 

So … just a little about me?

Well, let's see; I'm about making meaningful memories and yes, meaningful money; looking up; not just in, authentic relationships, channeling justified anger, and making a real difference in a hurting world. I'm about being an engaged parent, a strong  leader, an encouraging friend, and my husband's biggest fan. I'm about singing loud and off-key... loosing my keys (but not my mind), finding my voice (and helping you find yours), good ol' fashioned common sense, and letting my dog kiss my face. I'm about inspiring others, expecting the best, forgiveness and moving on, embarrassing my children, debating without dividing, coffee before talky and sometimes spending way too much time on 'nothing at all'… I'm about giving back to my community, crazy loving my kids, fighting for justice, grumbling over gardening, serving others, and listening to that little voice inside my head that says;

'you can make a difference'. … 

     ….that voice is precisely the reason

you are reading this right now. 

Coaching is a vehicle that can powerfully deliver

this difference to you; a dynamic and effective way

for me to see people and organizations transform, reach

more of their potential, and fulfill their God-given purpose.

I believe I have a gift of truly bringing out the best in others.

It sets me apart and is a decided edge in coaching. 


With a proven and effective method I will help you, find your voice, clearly see your vision and set a plan of action that allows you to succeed and make the difference that matters to you.


The difference you were meant to make

is unique to you and you alone.

So if you don't live the life

you were meant to live,

who will?  

Trust me, you are a difference maker - let me be the difference for you!!!