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where kindness is the new cutthroat

Kindness is the NEW cutthroat

PASSION is the NEW productivity

EMPATHY is the NEW effectiveness

VALUE is the NEW vision

JOY is the NEW jump (how high?)

..... newlemonade

Naomi Jepsen

Chief Refresher


We believe 

is the new Cutthroat

Let us show you

what we mean.

Your results mean the world to us.

And just to be clear; we definitely take all of this very seriously - even though we don't take ourselves too seriously... 


...there is a method to our

madness (if you will).


You see, we take the time to understand your needs, get behind your vision, and deliver unique tools and resources in meaningful and refreshing ways to get you accomplishing those big audacious goals... oh, and the little ones too. 


We're here to take the load off. 


You can do it... we can help ... (unless it's knitting, then we're clueless).


We do that through Coaching, Group Training, WORKSHOPS, and our signature follow up implementation sessions. -

All done in refreshing newlemonade style.

What is newlemonade style you say? 


Well, first of all, we believe that kindness is the new cutthroat, engagement is best done 'old school' (think authentic relationships) and that people ARE the success of the project, not just the 'doers' of it.

Now, please don't be mistaken; as much as we love to be on the cutting edge, we are sticklers for flawless execution of the basics. 


In business, this means remaining fresh and un-wavered in your commitment to love your employees and customers  (this would be newlemonade-speak for; Employee Engagement and Customer Service) - then deliver on this with more panache and vigour than your competition

(psst.... this is also how great companies rake in the primo dough

and one place we can really help you shine!).

We pride ourselves on being masters of the fresh-basics.

Because we believe that you can reach for the stars, be glass-half-full, silver-lining-people while still being real about challenges and obstacles you face.


In fact, it may be the only way.


We are all about refreshing your perspective and giving you that edge that can only come when the status quo is tastefully challenged. 

Before we close out this riveting rant on why we're the 'only ones for you' for all your coaching, facilitating and development needs,  I'd be remiss to not mention that newlemonade also has a few official certifications that back up all this fun-in-function stuff ... 


Just so you can be sure we're legit; please stay tuned for the legalese;


Certified through the Fowler School of Business as a Life Coach, Master Business Coach and Executive Coach, and Assessment -Certified by the Consulting Resource Group in over 20 various personal, leadership, team and sales assessments for workshops, training and facilitation .... and of course there's the small detail of  Naomi's 20+ years of leadership and business experience (hard to believe she's only 29 - .....sigh... ok, small little fib - the rest is true) - we've tried to cover the gambit so you can rest assured you're in good hands.

...And so now, please, rest assured. 


So, if anything we've said here resonates with you and you're one of those make-a-difference kind of folks too, click here and we will chat about what kind of great things we might be able to do together. 


We just might even change the world!

In fact, I guarantee it!


Fun Fact

Less than 8% of people say that they are doing what they love and following their life's purpose. 

So, no feelin bad if you're part of the 92% ... but for heaven's sake -

don't just stay there!


Welcome to newlemonade.
The home of different.


We know you aren't an average force to be reckoned with.

You're different.


How do we know? We're different too. And that's exactly what our clients love about us! 

We know that what makes
you different is also the very thing you can learn to leverage to get the results you are looking for. Doing it with authenticity and impact - like only you can.


As a premier Coaching and Development business we naturally love to see people and organizations succeed and reach their potential….

….and as die hard difference-makers, what we’re really passionate about is infusing YOUR life and business with that special ingredient you need to 


  • bring about the explosive impact you were created to make 

  • smash the hurdle standing in your way 

  • reach the next milestone you have set in your sights 


And have more fun than you ever thought possible doing it!

You are not your past.... but you are your story. CREATE IT!

Contact US

You know you want to!

It will be the most refreshing call of the day - promise. (in as much as we can promise such things)

  Tel: 604-540-2888

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